What would your life feel and look like, if you were doing what you love and making great money from it?

It feels freeing, exhilarating, fun, dreamy, empowering, and scary too. When we finally get what we prayed for, asked for, worked for, and manifested, it can seem too good to be true. Doubts can creep in like, “how long can this really last for?” “I made thousands for a couple of months, but will I continue to?”

These doubts are normal. It’s our own egos way of trying to protect us and keep us safe. To our ego, doing something different is risky and therefore potentially dangerous, even when the results are awesome. How many of you have lost weight or got more fit, only to doubt how long you will really keep it off? Even though you feel better than ever, it’s new to your ego, therefore it’s on guard to protect you.

Don’t tell that ego driver voice to STFU! That doesn’t work (I’ve tried that many times). Gently and lovingly, thank that voice for its concern and wanting to protect you. Let it know, this is a good change and that you are safe, secure, and supported.

At first, you will need to comfort the ego numerous times a day (much like a sensitive overtired toddler), over time the voice will go from a scream to a whisper, to nothing at all on that subject (the ego will move onto something new you’re doing…annoying but true).