Travel expands your mind, and certainly tests your limits. Two of the many reasons why I love to explore this glorious planet ? of ours.

Not sure if any of you can relate, but after many hours of travel, I tend to arrive at my destination exhausted and ungrateful. My mind tends to focus on all of the things I don’t like, unless I land somewhere instantly jaw dropping, with perfect weather like the Amalfi Coast of Italy ?? or Maldives ??.

I had to catch my self today, as I found my self waaaay outside of gratitude, given my secret expectations of the Cayman Islands ?? didn’t perfectly line up with reality. BUT, when does that ever happen in life???!!!

To get the opportunity to travel the world is a great privilege. I’ve designed my life that way. I work for it, and I get to work from anywhere. This doesn’t guarantee that every day is sunny ☀️ with a perfect light breeze, and a sea as calm as glass. HA! When I’m at home, no two days look or feel the same, so why would I expect when I travel, that the conditions be always perfect?

My point of this small rant, is to remind my self and all of you, that we GET to be alive (for today); we get to be healthy (for today), every damn day is different….and that in of itself is glorious. Without the crap days and the average days, we wouldn’t be able to see and cherish the incredibly perfectly imperfect days. AMEN ? ?.