The Magic of Travel

One of the main reasons why I feel everyone should travel the world 🌎.

As I longed on my day bed at the @whotels in Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩, I sit up to sip my cocktail and I witness this huge, glorious, musical procession down the beach 🏝.

Of course I got up closer to figure out what this beautiful golden figure (zoom in on photo) being carried by humans on the hot sand was all about.

I asked staff ignorantly, “is this a parade?”

He replied with an understanding smile, “No miss this is our celebration of life, we do this whenever someone dies.”

My eyes welled up, thinking we have it all wrong in so many cultures, where we morn the dead, instead of celebrate them.

I would have never witnessed such a glorious and moving sight, if I just stayed in my familiar surroundings of the US 🇺🇸.

I would have never learned such a beautiful tradition in such an impactful way, one that you can’t get from reading it in a book, or hearing someone else tell this story.

Go do something different today. Get out of the familiar. Get out of your routine. Plan a trip. Engage with people from other cultures.

I promise this will expand your mind, your creativity, your business, your everything.

If we always are looking at the same things, how could we possibly think differently?

You CAN Work From Anywhere!

Do you scroll through Instagram wondering how people travel the world 🌎, living that #workfromanywhere lifestyle? I’ll tell you.

They first made the decision, they are going after their dream life 1000%.

They believed it was possible for them to achieve it, which requires them to believe in themselves.

THEN….they take aligned action every single day with laser focus.

I know this because I created this life for my self, and now I teach others how to do the same. It is possible for you. Regardless if you have kids, animals, a mortgage, a medical condition, or a fancy degree.

If you want to achieve something, ask someone who already has it, for their guidance. Even at this point in my career, I ask for guidance, assistance, and input every single week. AAAAAAND I even pay for it!

I’ve learned that if I want to go to the next level, one of the fastest ways is to ask for help from someone who’s already at my dream destination.

Reach out to me if you want to achieve the #laptoplifestyle and work from wherever the hell you want, from your couch to the Greek Islands.

Work From Anywhere!

Why work in an office, when you can #workfromanywhere 🌍?!

I’ve been living and succeeding in this freedom lifestyle for 17 years now!!!! I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Where is your dream location to work from? An exotic beach, peaceful mountains, a jungle, a high-vibe cafe in Paris…GUESS WHAT?!

All the above are totally possible for you. Yes! I’ve shown hundreds of women how to transition out of cubicle office life and into a work from wherever you damn please lifestyle.

You can do this all without a fancy degree (unless you’re a traveling medical professional) or special certifications. What you do need is training, guidance, personal mentorship, and most importantly the strong desire and drive to transform your life.

Message me or email me (in profile @projectme_with_tiffany) if you want to learn how to earn money from anywhere in the world. From at home with your family to the aqua blue beaches of the Caribbean.

Be sure to include why you want this, and your initial financial goals/requirements.

Top Tips For Managing Work on Vacation

Top tips for managing your company while on vacay, so you can actually play and rest.

> Pick a set window of time everyday or every two to check in with work stuff. Allow your team and/or clients know you have time slots set aside for any urgent needs. Be sure to emphasize URGENT.

> Use your vacay lounge chair time to write content for your social channels and website. Only if you truly enjoy doing this! If you need a break from content creation all together, pre-write all of your content and put into an auto-posting program like @hootsuite.

> Add a full day onto your “out of office,” so when you return home, you have a full no-pressure day to catch up and enter back into work mode slowly.

> Remind yourself everything can wait a week or even two, unless it’s an interview with @oprah or something! Yes your biz is important and so are your clients, but without you taking time to fully rest, recharge, and play, you will burnout and be good for no one.


YES! You can also work from anywhere in the world you want to.
Whether that be on the beaches of the Caribbean, the comfort of your own home, the mountains, or the south of France. It’s your beliefs that make this possible or impossible.
I get that you may not know where to start or how, but that’s where I come in. I love teaching people how to work remotely, and how to transition from employee to entrepreneur. It’s not as complicated as your mind may be telling you.
If you want to work from wherever you damn please, start today by stating that truth of yours clearly to the Universe. Say it often, write it, pray about it, dream about it, and be open to the belief that IT IS absolutely possible for you.
I’ve been doing it for 10 years now. As a hard core Virgo, I tend to be extra conservative in risk taking (blessing and a curse), and I still figured it all out. On top of that, I had to sort through an shit ton of childhood abuse, and low self-esteem. I created this #workfromanywhere life with almost no confidence, and little belief in my self. Therefor if I can, I know you can too.
If you are ready to go after your dream work life, reach out to me. Serious inquires only please.

Expand Your Mind

Travel expands your mind, and certainly tests your limits. Two of the many reasons why I love to explore this glorious planet 🌎 of ours.

Not sure if any of you can relate, but after many hours of travel, I tend to arrive at my destination exhausted and ungrateful. My mind tends to focus on all of the things I don’t like, unless I land somewhere instantly jaw dropping, with perfect weather like the Amalfi Coast of Italy 🇮🇹 or Maldives 🇲🇻.

I had to catch my self today, as I found my self waaaay outside of gratitude, given my secret expectations of the Cayman Islands 🇰🇾 didn’t perfectly line up with reality. BUT, when does that ever happen in life???!!!

To get the opportunity to travel the world is a great privilege. I’ve designed my life that way. I work for it, and I get to work from anywhere. This doesn’t guarantee that every day is sunny ☀️ with a perfect light breeze, and a sea as calm as glass. HA! When I’m at home, no two days look or feel the same, so why would I expect when I travel, that the conditions be always perfect?

My point of this small rant, is to remind my self and all of you, that we GET to be alive (for today); we get to be healthy (for today), every damn day is different….and that in of itself is glorious. Without the crap days and the average days, we wouldn’t be able to see and cherish the incredibly perfectly imperfect days. AMEN 🙏 💜.

When Manifestations Come Too Life

Little did I know at this moment, I was one day away from having a huge portion of my manifestations, my dreams, my visions, all come to life!


@turksandcaicos_official was something I manifested, so I was aware that I was experiencing one of my more simple manifestations. Clearly I was loving it! Which BTW, shows the Universe that we are grateful for receiving what we ask for and therefor we are making it clear that we are open to receive more.


What I didn’t know, is that my manifestations from 1.5 years prior….were all about to happen.


Mike my boyfriend took me to Turks for my birthday…what I didn’t know is that he was going to propose to me on the beach 🏝, at night, with a little blue box from @tiffanyandco, on my birthday, and with the exact style ring I wanted. ALL of these things were on my vision board (which he never saw), and were a clear part of my manifestations. INCREDIBLE!!! I KNOW


There are a couple lessons in this story for you. 1. Manifesting really does work, if you are guided with the right practices and mindset. 2. Letting go of the time frame and trusting divine timing is key. 3. Being grateful along the way, versus cranky and bitter that “it” hasn’t happened yet, will allow the manifestations to come through.


What are you currently manifesting? If you want guidance or are felling stuck in the process, reach out to me 😊. I want this so badly for all of you, so I’m eager and thrilled to help.

CRAVE Your Dreams!

Do you CRAVE your dreams…your destiny? I fucking do!!!

One of my biggest passions is world 🌎 travel. I love observing and learning about different cultures, and how people do #allthethings from different places on our beautiful planet.

Craving our desires is incredibly important to manifesting them into reality, but without taking clear guided action, this trip to the Greek Islands would have never happened (for example).

Stick with me here…. I knew where I wanted to go for my birthday last year; I did my @pinterest travel research and inspiration board; I did some initial flight and hotel research to get a gauge on pricing.

Still that’s not enough to make my dream birthday trip come to life. I called @americanair to book our flights and there were no seats left. I was upset, but I didn’t give up. I knew this trip was going to happen, in a 5-Star, first class way, without having to buy it at a premium cost (FYI 15k per ticket-no joke).

I kept calling the Airlines and researching, all while visioning my fiancé and I exploring Barcelona 🇪🇸 and then Greece 🇬🇷 together.

One day, I woke up about 6 weeks prior to my b-day, and I was guided by the Universe to call @americanair one more time. As soon as the agent came on the line and spoke, I knew he was my travel guardian angel to make this trip happen. AND HE DID. It took 1.5 hours on the phone, coupled with his extensive experience and creativity (plus lots of patience), to book our upgraded seats (using miles).

Did I lose hope a few times? YES Did I get frustrated? YES. But, I NEVER gave up on my dream.

My loves, achieving your wildest dreams isn’t always going to be a cake walk. This is how God, the Universe, your Higher Power tests how badly we really want it. We are only given things for our greatest good and our greatest desires…nothing in between.



Keep Friday “Vibes” Going All Week Long

A trick I use to keep Friday type “vibes” going all week long 😎:

One of my biggest motivators behind making BIG money, is my love for luxury world 🌍 travel.

So anytime I feel my mood, my motivation level, my drive going downhill, I do a few things.

1. I scroll through my thousands of travel photos and videos, reminiscing over the memories and adventures. This instantly elevates my mood and energy.
2. I hop on @pinterest (you can find me at ProjectME with Tiffany) and start planning my next trip. So it’s like planning and manifesting all in one exercise. Plus it puts me in the energy of taking clear action, which also elevates my spirits.
3. I share some of my photos/videos with friends, my fiancé, and all of you. It’s my way of spreading inspiration, plus I love sharing my secret travel tips, that I’ve crafted over decades of world travel ( over 1 million miles flown 😮).

I did all 3 this morning. This video I’m sharing is from my trip to the stunning Greek Island of Santorini. You can actually walk (more like hike) from one end to the other. Everywhere you look is a picture perfect postcard.

This is a volcanic island, and it’s dry like the desert 🌵. Plus side is you won’t get rained out, down side is, you will get dehydrated quickly. Also, learn to say a couple things in Greek, the locals loooooove it as their language is hard AF to learn, so they know you put in major effort to learn it, or have good Greek friends (like me!).

The Top of Mind “Why”

QUICK! Tell me the first thing that pops into your mind. Why do you want to be financially wealthy?

That top of mind “why” is our current inner driver. This answer will change over the years, especially when you reach different levels of wealth.

My current “why” is my passion for traveling the world 🌍. I sit down at least once a month and plan out my next trips, and add new places to my vision board. This exercise relights my inner driver. It gets me motivated and refocused.

Your personal “why” is vital to your success. It is what will get you to keep going when you hit roadblocks (which you will), will smack you out of a slump, and reenergize you when you need it the most.

There is no wrong or shameful answer to your “why.” Please don’t judge what comes up. Many women I work with feel guilty if their why seems “self-indulgent” or “luxurious.” I want your why to be self indulgent and luxurious, as your “why” is all about you!

Don’t confuse your why with your company mission or life mission. My ProjectME with Tiffany company mission is to help women become financially wealthy and independent through education, empowerment, and mentorship. So yes this greatly motivates me, but it isn’t my#allaboutme “why.”

Over the years and various income levels my why has shifted from buying a luxury condo, to flying first class, to bi-monthly massages, to buying a 7-Figure house…yours may be to get out of debt, to buy a new car, to get Botox, a breast reduction, to work from home in your robe (like me 🤗). Whatever answer came up for you, embrace it and own it.

This is a judgement-free zone.

💜, Tiffany