How to start a business with little to no money. YUP, you read that correctly. It is totally achievable.

I know this for a fact, because I did it with my first business 10 years ago, TLC Enterprises, LLC. which is now the parent company that owns and manages ProjectME with Tiffany Carter.

Having no money or even being in debt, is no excuse to hold off on building your dream business. Especially in 2018, where there are hundreds of free platforms, courses, and website templates to choose from.

Every single type of business needs a digital presence as part of their business model. I don’t care if your dream is to coach tennis, design custom cars, own a craft store, or underwater basket weaving, every type of business must have a digital footprint.

So you are working a 9-5 that you hate or is boring AF, well WTF are you doing after 5pm and on weekends? Regardless if you have kids, a needy spouse, or a loco family, you can carve out even 45 minutes a day if you really want to.

Learn exactly how I started my first company with investing NO ??, on my new podcast episode (see next photo). I literally tell you exactly what I did. Link to ProjectME with Tiffany Carter is in my profile @projectme_with_tiffany.

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