One of the most common ways we sabotage our goals is by wanting to do everything, so much so, it takes our eyes off the prize.

Most goal driven people are passionate and excited about lots of things. They have great ideas, and lots of them all the time (especially in the shower ?).

All of that is great and what makes us have the drive to be business owners, risk takers, hustlers, and badass boss babes. However, without laser focus on our niche, our speciality service, product line, and customer base, WE HAVE NO BUSINESS.

We when look in too many different directions, we lose our focus, and then nothing gets done reeeeaaaaally well. Worse yet, we end up serving fewer if any people, and eeeeeven worse we don’t make massive cash!!!

Take some time this weekend to regroup and refocus. Write down the answers to these 3 questions:
1. What is my zone of genius? The thing that is my gift and I know I’m exceptional at.
2. How do I want to make money off from this Exceptional service or product?
3. Who is my ideal customer? The type of person who needs, craves, and desires what I have to offer. Write down their approx age, gender, style, personality, likes/dislikes, current income, comfort level with investing in themselves.

Tell me what distracts you from reaching your goals. Yes I really want to know. Otherwise how can I help you?!