MAJOR proof that manifesting really does work! To be clear, my method of manifesting that I learned from the best teachers.

My primary vision board (on the left), is where I put #allthethings that I want to bring into my life quickly and easily. I updated this board approx 6 months prior to meeting my now fiancé, 1.5 years after I created this board, (he never saw this until recently when I hung these up at our new home) Mike proposed to me on the beaches of Turks and Caicos with a stunning ring ? in a little blue @tiffanyandco box. Yes, the ring is from there too, not just the box ?.

Also, I made enough excess cash in my business to buy all of the rest of the items on my board and then some. My point in sharing this part of the story is to remind you that manifesting isn’t always literal. Also, I didn’t put a time frame on meeting my Mr. Right; I trusted the Universe’s timing and the “how.”

The board on the right right is focused on how I would feel having everything on the first vision board. 2 years after I updated this “feelings” board, we found a house that matched the exact vibe I manifested. I knew it the second I walked in the front door. On top of that, living with him is extremely chill, TRANQUIL, and relaxing. Something extremely vital to my soul and success.

Be sure to place your vision boards or board, somewhere high-vibe that you see many times per day. Each day I walked by mine, I would send a quick blessing to them, often showing a slight nod or a wink ?. Symbolizing that I trusted and knew the Universe was working its magic to deliver all of this to me and then some.

Now it’s time to update my boards.@manifestationbabe has an interesting technique, to keep some things on your board that already manifested into your life. Reminding you that this works. I’m going to incorporate this suggestion ?.

We aren’t in control of the how or the timing. Just have faith that a power greater than you is creating your vision. Most often it shows up even better than what I manifested.