I earn money easily and consistently. I am worthy of all the wealth I acquire.

Crucial manifesting tip: when you create money generating mantras, meditations, and vision boards, you MUST include and practice that you are WORTHY of this abundance. That you are WORTHY of making a shit ton of money and whatever else you desire, with ease.

When I first started practicing manifestation principles 12 years ago, I was focused on manifesting things, money, travel, parking spaces….no work at all on my self-worth.

So guess what happened?! I didn’t get all the things, the money, the success, but I lost 3/4 of my entire financial worth in 3 months.

I even held on to everything I manifested for several years. The more I up leveled, the more my buried lack of worthiness crept in. In the same year that I made 7 figures for my first time (before the age of 30), I lost almost all of it before that year was over! Truly because deep down I didn’t feel worthy of this abundance, especially any abundance with great ease and joy.

So for the last 3.5 years, I switched my focused from just manifesting financial worth, to manifesting great self-worth. THIS MY FRIENDS WAS MY MISSING PUZZLE PIECE.

Now that I have rebuilt my self-worth (with techniques I will for sure teach all of you), I am weaving back in all of my financial, business, and luxury desires.

Without an incredible sense of self-worth, success can’t be sustained or maintained.

Self-worth is the foundation for great net-worth.