ATTENTION ? all writers ✍️ and content queens ?. If you are anything like me and countless other people I know, creating butt loads of content can get overwhelming. This overwhelm can easily make you unmotivated and uninspired, which isn’t fun. The entire point is to enjoy our work, especially content creation. If we lose that loving feeling, it will show in everything we do. Not good.

So in my 10 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve been forced to figure out this content management thing. At least my struggles can turn into lessons for others.

My strategy is I select 2 days per week as my writing days. I make sure my calendar is mostly or totally clear on those days. Instead of dreading them, I make them into a luxurious experience. So I wake up, meditate, have coffee ☕️, go move my body, sometimes take a bath ?, then I put on some mood music ?, and if it’s nice outside (usually is in LA)…. I’ll sit outside and type away.

If some content isn’t flowing out of me, I move it towards the end of my list and keep writing on what is easily pouring through my fingers. So don’t force it or the end result will be inauthentic crap that you won’t like anyway. People can feel your energy and mood through your content.

Also, I recommend creating a beautiful inspiring writing spot for yourself whether you have a home based office (like me) or a cubical. Use your favorite pens, favorite colors, get a cool laptop skin or cover (see photo), a fun notepad, crystals, quotes, candles, whatever inspires good creative energy for you. This is part of where my office supply addiction got started, as I believe working with the right gear is so damn motivating. Share your writing tips in comments ?.