Here it is!

99% of businesses and people have competitors initially, and 100% indefinitely. Dig in and discover what sets you and/or your business apart from the pack. I recommend doing this exercise for both yourself (as you are your own unique brand) and for your business (if you have one or want to start one).

In my experience, question prompts help most people find clear answers, as it can be different from “self-brag.” Here are some to get you started:
1️⃣ Why should someone work with you over the hundreds of other qualified people?
2️⃣ What drove you to enter this niche or career?
3️⃣ What are the 3 most common things customers, bosses, and co-workers say about you?
4️⃣ Who is your ideal customer? The type of person you would love to help times a million of them, and WHY?
5️⃣ What is the biggest frustration in your market niche and/or industry? How do you aim to fix it?

Screenshot these questions or copy and paste them into your “notes” app (if it lets you). If you’re old school, break out your journal and answer away.