Do you ever wake up feeling grouchy?

Maybe you slept like crap, drank one too many glasses of wine ?, or you’re just feeling off and you don’t you why. Regardless of the reason, this feeling sucks. Since I wake up feeling grouchy more than I’d like to admit, I want to share some things I do to help shake off the funk.

First, I acknowledge, accept, and honor how I’m feeling. If I know why I’m feeling like a Polly Pissy Pants, then I address that specific issue. If I’m likely dehydrated, then I hydrate. If I slept like crap, maybe some extra coffee and protein.

Second, if I don’t know why (which is often the case), I ask my self, “Tiffany what is it you need right now to feel loved and nurtured?” Usually the answer for me is to go slow, patience, rest, a hug, or alone time. So I honor those needs and give them to myself without judgement (that’s the hard part for me).
Third, I take happy action as I call it. I do things that will shift my energy. Go to a yoga class, walk my dog (who is usually grouchy in morning-see pic ?), listen to fun happy music, listen to an inspiring or funny podcast, call a friend for a good laugh, or go out and grab a coffee versus staying in my kitchen with my grouchy self and dog.
SOMETIMES I need to do all of the above to up level my mood ??.

SOMETIMES none of the above works, and although that’s annoying it’s ok. I remind my self that I’m only human. A human pumped full of complicated hormones and emotions. If everyday was happy and great, we would stop appreciating those fantastic days and feelings.

We need to experience contrast in our lives to experience our full range of emotions. Since we know what a crap day feels like, it allows us to be grateful for the fantastic days.

If all else fails, just look at Molly’s grumpy pants face. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh ?. Share this post with a friend who needs a lift. Just knowing they aren’t alone, will lift their spirits.