I have to admit something to you guys, I’m scared, like really scared.

Behind this smile, is one anxious Tiffany. I can smile because I have faith in the Universe, and myself, that I’m on the right path. It still feels scary to put my self and my story out there for the entire world to see, hear, and read.

The “what if’s” occupy my brain. What if my story and my lessons don’t help anyone? What if people think I’m lame? What if I can’t handle the extreme success coming my way, and I crumble?

I know from experience that when we share our truth, it no longer has power over us. Keeping feelings stuffed inside, make us sick and sad. So I’m sharing my truth for me and for any of you who are feeling anxious or scared right now.

It’s normal to feel these things when we are doing something new, up leveling our lives, going after our deepest dreams. Our egos try desperately to keep us safe, by keeping everything as is, status quo.

It’s our job to thank our egos for trying to protect us, and remind ourselves that we are safe, supported, and secure. This is why it is crucial, when you are changing things up in your life, to be highly selective to whom who chose to spent time with, and to only surround yourself with people, places, and things that feel loving and uplifting.

I already feel calmer and at ease, by sharing my vulnerable truth with all of you ??. Please share your truth with someone today, or at least write your truth in your journal. I promise you will feel lighter afterwards.

Love always,