STOP ✋ ?

PLEASE STOP judging your financial status, your career, your business, your current lifestyle, based on what you see on social media or on people who make #allthethings sound easy.

All of us are on a unique path. A path that is specially designed for us by the Universe, and our ability to surrender and be open to direction. YES, some peoples’ journeys are filled with less trauma and drama than others…while some have so much it’s beyond comprehension.

I was abused for most of my childhood and teens. I was raped by someone I knew. I’ve been sexually assaulted several times in the workplace. I lost 3/4 of my net worth that I worked my ass off to create and save. I could go on and on. My point is, my path was filled with more than enough roadblocks, and I could have easily set back, given up, and played the victim for life (people would have totally understood). God, the Universe, my Angels had a different plan that I couldn’t always see. I was meant to go through all of that shit, so I could show up for you and me TODAY.

When you catch yourself wishing that your path, your process was as glamours, easy, fun, and sexy as “ms boss babe x, y z” I want you to remember two things:

1️⃣ They are full of shit and only showing you the highlight reel, so unfollow them and go follow inspiring-empowering women who share it all @thechampagnediet,@badassbusinessbabe,@leanne.oaten, and of course ME ?@projectme_with_tiffany.

2️⃣Your journey is what it’s supposed to be. If mine was all ? and ?, there would be no ProjectME; I wouldn’t spend hours of my time each week mentoring abused women for free; I wouldn’t have the compassion and awareness to educate and empower women to be financially wealthy and free; most importantly I wouldn’t be me.

Wishing you wealth, health, and worth always.

?, Tiffany