The most stunning people, places, and things in life are UNFILTERED. ? This is a glorious #unfiltered photo I took of the Malibu sunrise, en route to the airport.

As much as we all prefer filtered photos of ourselves, water to appear bluer, skin to appear smoother, our content to perfectly match our brand colors, and our cellulite to soften…truly the most vulnerable, raw, and authentic version of ourselves, and our surroundings is what allows us to build deeper connections to others and the Universe.

As you grow your business, remember people want to hire those they like, trust, and respect. It’s makes it difficult for people to develop a relationship with you (especially online), if your Instagram feed is always perfect, if your messages are always guarded, if the photos of you are always glamorous and filtered.

My loves, take the veil off sometimes and allow people to meet you, the real you, the incredibly imperfect you, and all of the basic unglamorous shit you do 90% of the time.

This builds trust with your current clients and potential customers. Plus when you share your truth, it helps others feel less alone, less lame and inadequate, and therefor more connected. That by itself is worth being vulnerable, at least for me.

?, Tiffany