I’ve gotta share with you, the hardest thing about entrepreneurship. UGH!

Yes I know everyone loves to do show and tell around the amazing parts of owning your own business, but I wouldn’t be serving your fully if I just showed you the glam and avoided the “oh daaaaaamn.”

When you start a biz or are launching new service or product, there isn’t usually instant gratification. In fact, it can seem like you made a huge mistake. THIS IS NORMAL. Not fun at all, but normal.

ProjectME is my second company. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years. I kinda know what I’m doing, and still no instant success, gratification, or cash.

I’m building this brand from the ground up, like many of you desire to do or are currently doing. The difference is, I have a 10 year track record of mistakes, success, BIG wins, little wins, BIG losses, and gratefully a 7-figure business (that I own) that’s financially investing in ProjectME.

What money can’t buy is the vary thing that is required to build a successful brand, and that’s PATIENCE. Even with the funds to launch my new company, I will end up quitting if I don’t remain patient.

Just know, you didn’t fuck up, your dreams are meant to manifest, you just need to surrender to Mother Patience. It’s hard as hell somedays, especially when your passionate about teaching others and changing lives.

It will happen, if you stick in there day after day and remain consistent.

Most people give up when they aren’t raking in the cash after 6 months or a year. DON’T give up on your dream, on yourself, or on all of the people your business will serve.

Slow and steady is better than a quick hit.