One of the main reasons why I feel everyone should travel the world ?.

As I longed on my day bed at the @whotels in Bali, Indonesia ??, I sit up to sip my cocktail and I witness this huge, glorious, musical procession down the beach ?.

Of course I got up closer to figure out what this beautiful golden figure (zoom in on photo) being carried by humans on the hot sand was all about.

I asked staff ignorantly, “is this a parade?”

He replied with an understanding smile, “No miss this is our celebration of life, we do this whenever someone dies.”

My eyes welled up, thinking we have it all wrong in so many cultures, where we morn the dead, instead of celebrate them.

I would have never witnessed such a glorious and moving sight, if I just stayed in my familiar surroundings of the US ??.

I would have never learned such a beautiful tradition in such an impactful way, one that you can’t get from reading it in a book, or hearing someone else tell this story.

Go do something different today. Get out of the familiar. Get out of your routine. Plan a trip. Engage with people from other cultures.

I promise this will expand your mind, your creativity, your business, your everything.

If we always are looking at the same things, how could we possibly think differently?