Two words ✌️ that changed my life, once I got real damn honest with myself and others.

My personal favorite: the word NO. As a recovering people pleaser, I rarely said no. Even when something sounded horrible to me. I even tasted foods I didn’t want to, in order to “not offend” the chef or the client.

When I was working as an employee in corporate America, they looooooved me because I never said no to extra work, weekend conferences, business dinners, spreadsheets, special projects, you name it. So yes I got recognized for my lack of no’s…awards, promotions, praise, money, trips, but the entire time I was saying yes to them, I was saying a giant FUCK YOU to my self, my needs, and my desires.

Second favorite word is YES! Now when I say yes, I mean it. It’s not out of people pleasing so you will like me or hire me. It’s because I really want to do the thing, eat the food, visit the place, watch your cat.

When I say YES to something or someone now, it is a big fat YES to my self. Instead of it being a fuck you, it’s an “I honor you.”

Taking a fun mini-vacay this holiday weekend, and it feels extra good because I said YES to it and meant it. There’s no anxiety in going, as I will use my “yes’ and no’s’ “ to honor my self instead of fucking my self.

What have you said YES to recently, that was truly a NO in disguise?
*****PS You ALWAYS have the right to change your mind. You can change your answer to honor yourself at any time.