Last time I checked “trying” doesn’t make you a millionaire, or any money for that matter.

Imagine me “trying” to open this door ?…what would that look like? A struggle, messing with the knob, the latch, forcing it with my strength, swearing when it doesn’t open.

Now imaging me “going for it” and knowing and trusting this door will open for me. BINGO! The image in your mind, is me confidently walking up to the door, gently twisting the knob and walking through it. OR better yet, the damn door was already open a crack, and all I had to do was gently push it open with my index finger.

Simple analogy, but I looooove simple. I love teaching you guys complex shit, confusing stuff, and and crazy good biz strategies the simple and easy way. FUCK HARD. I did things the hard way for most of my life, and let me tell you, it’s not necessary and it doesn’t help you reach your goals any faster.

What are you “trying” to do in your life, in your business right now, versus just “going for it?” Knowing the how will appear, if you already don’t know how. The how will appear in the form of a person popping into your mind who can help you, a digital how-to course in your in box, a free webinar in your news feed, or an idea ? while you are taking a shower.

I’ll even be your “how-to” today! I created a FREE guide, explaining how I created financial freedom and success for my self. How I generate and maintain 7-figures. Much of it while I’m sleeping.

Just visit my NEW fun and Info packed website at www.projectmewithtiffany.com and the first thing you will see is my face and the button for the FREE ProjectME Money Guide ????. Let me know if you have any questions that come up after reading it.