One of the first major wealth building tips I share with my clients, is to ask questions, even if you think they are stupid or that you “should” know the answer.

I got over the fear of asking stupid questions, or looking stupid for not knowing, when I was a TV news reporter. In order to report the facts accurately for viewers, I couldn’t fake knowing something, I had to present the facts.

It was hard as hell at first, but after awhile it became second nature to ask even the most simple questions to people that may or may not have thought I was dumb. You see I didn’t have time to care, since my focus was on the news story (and my insane deadlines) not on my own ego.

To get good at anything, we have to ask lots of questions…money, wealth, and business are no different. Focus on the fact you are asking to achieve your end goal, this helps take some of the fear away.

We only know what we know; there are no “shoulds” when it comes to knowledge or skill set. We each have different strengths, this way we can learn from one another. Some of us learned about making and saving money from our parents, so there’s foundational knowledge. Some of us learned a poverty mentality from our parents, so starting with the basics is necessary.

Is the fear of not asking and staying “comfortable,” worth not learning how to reach your money goals?