This tip should take a 1000 pound weight off from your shoulders.

I used to think the busier I was working, the more money I would make. I ran with this belief for most of my life. I also ran my self and my health into the ground, trying to achieve my financial and life goals.

When my mind, body, and spirit were broken to the point of surrender. I found my way to a personal development group. In this group, doing the haaaard inner work, I learned that my beliefs around success and money were false. ? Basically, I had it all wrong. More work, more grinding, more hustling, more hours DOES NOT equal more cash or more success. WHAAAAAAT?!!!!

I learned that I was hiding, avoiding, and distracting my self with being busy. Some people shop, some gamble, some compulsively clean….I chose work as my way to avoid feeling my feelings and getting right with my self.

It’s been about 3 years focusing on being productive versus busy, and I’m achieving all of my financial and life goals with greater ease, balance, and joy. I feared I would lose everything I worked for by taking my foot off the gas, but the truth is I gained everything by slowing down and hyper-focusing my efforts.

Take a deep breath…ease your foot off the gas…regroup, refocus, and refine your priorities, and forget everything else. The stuff you can’t forget, either delegate it or schedule it for a later date.