This tip should take a 1000 pound weight off from your shoulders.

I used to think the busier I was working, the more money I would make. I ran with this belief for most of my life. I also ran my self and my health into the ground, trying to achieve my financial and life goals.

When my mind, body, and spirit were broken to the point of surrender. I found my way to a personal development group. In this group, doing the haaaard inner work, I learned that my beliefs around success and money were false. 😳 Basically, I had it all wrong. More work, more grinding, more hustling, more hours DOES NOT equal more cash or more success. WHAAAAAAT?!!!!

I learned that I was hiding, avoiding, and distracting my self with being busy. Some people shop, some gamble, some compulsively clean….I chose work as my way to avoid feeling my feelings and getting right with my self.

It’s been about 3 years focusing on being productive versus busy, and I’m achieving all of my financial and life goals with greater ease, balance, and joy. I feared I would lose everything I worked for by taking my foot off the gas, but the truth is I gained everything by slowing down and hyper-focusing my efforts.

Take a deep breath…ease your foot off the gas…regroup, refocus, and refine your priorities, and forget everything else. The stuff you can’t forget, either delegate it or schedule it for a later date.


It all starts with WORTH. Nooooo not net-worth, but SELF-WORTH. If you don’t feel worthy or deserving of making. BIG money, then you won’t. All of the manifesting exercises, strategies, and vision boards won’t increase your bank account, if you truly don’t believe it is possible for you, and that you are worthy of great success.

Even if there’s a twinge of resistance, which often shows up as fear, anxiety, stress, or depression….this will block you from reaching your goals.

So I want you to made an adjustment when communicating with the Universe, God, your Higher Power. State what you want in the present tense as though you have it now or are attracting it now, and include clear statements about self-worth (see the manta I created for you in the photo).

Always include in your journaling, your prayers, meditation, and vision boarding, “I” statements around being worthy, deserving, and accepting of whatever it is you want to manifest.

I like to also add statements around feeling safe. “It’s safe for me to make millions of dollars quickly.” “It’s safe for me to be wealthier than anyone in my family.” Many money mindset blocks are buried deep, and they are typically attached to our families.

I would LOOOOVE to read your revised mantras. Post them in comments. Remember the more you say, think, and write your manifestations, the more powerful and clear of a message you send to the Universe, to help you create them.

Reprogramming My Beliefs Around Money

TRUTH. I was taught in childhood that to earn great money, you had to “give an arm and a leg.” I was raised by a single Mom, who was also an entrepreneur with a successful nationally-known company. At least a few times a week she would look at me and say, “you know Tiffany all of this doesn’t come easily; I kill my self everyday for it.”

By “all of this” she was referring to all of the nice things that money can buy. We lived in a giant home with two gourmet kitchens, an Olympic size pool, had a cleaning lady, and so on.

So to me my mom’s truth became my own. I wanted that financial success like she created, therefore I knew I had to “kill myself” to get it and keep it. GUESS WHAT?! I almost did. Whereas I had several peers who made more money than me and it seemed so easy for them. All I kept thinking was, “what am I doing wrong? Why is this so hard for me and not everyone else?”

It wasn’t until about 3 years, that I learned how to reprogram beliefs I took in as facts from childhood. Within 30 days of reprogramming my beliefs around money, everything shifted. I worked less than half the amount of hours, and made exactly the same money!!!!! Now I make even more money, while working less. All I did was shift my beliefs around money, success, and wealth.


Wealth Building Basics

Let’s take the mystery out of achieving wealth. This purple piggy bank is the perfect visual to illustrate my wealth-building basics.

You can’t achieve great wealth, if you leave out making, saving, spending, donating, and investing money. Unless you receive a giant inheritance. In which case, I’ve witnessed people blow through hundreds of thousands of dollars, as they lacked wealth building and maintaining knowledge, and/or a wealth mindset.

Whatever it is you make 40k/year, 100k or millions, the same wealth-building strategy apples.
$ – Save first, even if all you can save is $100 a week.
$ – Spend second. Spend on your rent, mortgage, diapers, food, etc….
$ – Donate third. Now if you are really up against it, donate by throwing in some change into a tip jar. The point here is to practice consistency giving back. As money is a currency, it’s also an energetic exchange. The more you give, the more it trains your mind that there is an abundance of wealth available to you at all times. $ – Invest. As your savings account reaches a certain set point. Let’s say three months living expenses (for example), anything above that amount rolls into an investment account. Investing also means investing in growing your career, starting a business, your personal development. It doesn’t just mean a stocks and bonds portfolio. Investing is assessing what will give you the best return on your money, with a level of risk that still allows you to sleep at night.
$ – Obviously everyone’s life, goals, bills, health, etc looks different. So wealth building IS NOT a one-size fits all; in terms of what percentage you should save, spend, donate, and invest. To avoid participating in these 4 categories will pretty much guarantee you WILL NOT get wealthy or even financially free.
$ – Baby steps are good. That’s better than no action at all.

💜 Wishing you wealth, health, and worth, always.


Wisdom on Wealth and Worth

I always strive to bring you wisdom on wealth and worth. Wisdom doesn’t just come from the successes I’ve had, it also comes from all of the mistakes I’ve made both in life and throughout my career.

This week is about the power of first impressions and perceptions. Yes, I now own a lot of nice things and I have a lot of luxury bags, sunglasses, shoes, etc… Even when I was making 75k/year, I didn’t buy these luxury items as I saw them as a waste of money, based on my income level. That all changed one month when I was around 26 years old.

I was working in pharmaceutical sales, and a new counterpart got hired on my team. She was 10-years older than me and had great success. I admired her effortless sales style and her experience. She asked me about a month after we met, “Why do you carry around a low-end, worn-out work bag 💼?” I said, “ because it works and fits all of my stuff.” She kindly nodded in a sisterly way and said, “Let me give you a piece of advice….when people see you coming into these high-end offices with a ratty looking bag and Payless shoes, it undermines the quality of what you are selling and your authority on it.”

At that age, I didn’t quite get what she was saying, but I agreed to her experiment to go buy a designer bag (@coach was the IT bag back then) and some heels made of something other than plastic and rubber 😝. SO I DID. After about 2 weeks of me carrying around what felt like a rare diamond, and wearing shoes that didn’t make my feet sweat and blister, an amazing shift occurred.

My senior counterpart saw me at a doctors office (client), and asked me if I noticed anything different. I DID! Gatekeepers started letting me back to speak with the doctors, and I even got selected as a team leader at the company. Of course it’s not like I bought magic accessories, by elevating my first impression and perception, I gave off a look, energy and feel of confidence and success.

We all assess people when we meet them. Review what your look, your attire, your accessories, your hairstyle say about you. Adjust those things to match where you want to be in your career versus where you are at now.

Money Mantra

I love this money mantra!!!!

Screenshot this 👆mantra and turn it into your phone’s screen saver. Every time it pops up on your phone, take a deep breath, exhale, and read. 💜

With repetition, these mantras will (whether you believe them to be true or not right now), sink into your subconscious and conscious mind. You will be surprised how powerful this is.

It’s one of my many strategies to making bank 💰!

How I Lost 3/4 of my Net Worth in 3 Months, and Earned it ALL Back Again Plus Some

Perfect day to share a bit more of my story, how I lost 3/4 of my net worth in 3 months, and earned it all back again, PLUS MORE!

You see. I used to be an overly trusting person with very few boundaries. I thought if someone I trusted referred me to someone, then that person must be trustworthy as well (even if I never met them before!). Or if I knew someone or worked with someone for many years, I put that person in a “trust for life” category, since they hadn’t ever screwed me over in X many years.

I got hired at 20 years old by NBC as a television news reporter (before I even graduated college, and yes I still got my degree.). After several years in the TV news business, I was burned out and needed to make some real money. I got into the pharmaceutical sales world and became quite successful at it. By 25, I was already making 6-figures. So I saved, invested, saved some more, and followed the wealth strategies I teach all of you.

I was worth 7-figures before I was 30. CUE THE DRAMATIC 🎶… In Sept, I was a millionaire and by the new year, I was knocked back to where I was 5 years prior. It took my breath away. I thought I was on the right track and entering the next big level. Was I broke, no, because my protocol for building wealth has protections in place to prevent street living. Imagine 75% of everything you ever worked for starting at age 13 (yes my mom made me work at 13 😳), was gone practically overnight and there wasn’t a damn thing you could do about it. Whether that’s $1000, $10,000, or $1,000,000, it’s not pretty.

The “how” of this story is at the beginning of this post. I didn’t have good or even basic boundaries and I put blind trust in someone, meaning I didn’t do my own due diligence on the person, their skills, reputation, etc… I trusted them because I trusted the person who referred me to him. Well often in life our biggest lessons are expensive and painful AF.

After a month of wallowing in self-pity, I was determined to make that money back and much more. I knew I couldn’t create the wealth and freedom I desired from working in corporate pharmaceuticals. Although the pay was great, the cost was also great! The pressure was so high, I was always getting sick; sexual harassment was the norm, and by that I mean multiple times a week #metoo; if I wanted to keep climbing the corporate ladder, that price would go even higher.

So in spite of being terrified to leave what I knew, my gut told me it was time. I started my own company, my rules, my vision, my goals, on my timeline. Within 3 years, I made all of the $ back I lost, and more importantly I gained a sense of pride and empowerment that I lost in that corporate jungle.

Wealth Tips with Tiff


Typicality I share my wealth tips on Wednesday Wealth Tips with Tiff, my higher self is screaming at me to share these with you today. So here we go!

Gaining wealth consistency is not a one lane highway. To have wealth that continues to grow requires interstates, highways, freeways, and even toll roads. It’s important to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Meaning all of your income generating shouldn’t just come from your primary job. There’s only one of you (if there’s more than one of you I’m jealous), and only about 8-12 work hours in a day that you can execute. So if you stick with your job being your primary source of income, then you will only increase your wealth when and if you get a raise or a bonus check. NOT A WEALTH GENERATING POA (plan of action).

Since there is only one of you, to accelerate your financial growth, you will need to create a passive income interstate, a residual income road, and a savings strategy. It may sound overwhelming, so I suggest baby steps.
Start with one interstate, one road, and a simple savings startedgy. Here’s a simple example of what my money roadmap looked like initially 👇:

Primary Income came from my Marketing/PR/Social Media firm. My passive income (meaning how I made money when I wasn’t actively engaged-while I slept) came from investing in mutual bods (though a financial adviser) and stocks. My residual income (money you earn long after your initial effort) came from network marketing high end skin care products. So skin care systems I sold to people who regularly refilled their order monthly or quarterly, without me having to “re-sell” them the products. Not all network marketing companies pay the same, so it’s crucial to partner with a brand you love that compensates you well for suggesting it to others. I’ll have an entire podcast dedicated to this subject.

Savings Strategy: this deserves its own paragraph. Saving money = making money. You can gain great wealth by saving overtime. In fact the ROI (return on investment) with saving money is often higher than most other investments like real estate, stocks, and bonds. I’ll do a dedicated IG live to “Saving Strategy.” Be on the lookout for it today.

“TIFFANY, how do you do it?”

“How did you create a successful business and kept it growing for 10 years?!”

SIMPLE ANSWER: not alone. Yes when you first start, if you have no capital to invest or no investors, there are a ton of things you will need to do solo to manage expenses. As soon as you can please hire help, or hire an intern (or 3).

When I first launched my marketing/social media firm 10 years ago, I contracted one tech guy and brought on one intern (from my alma mater, @emersoncollege). As I grew, I brought in more people, paid for more of their time, and outsourced as much as possible. This way I could focus on what I do best (strategy, client relationships, contracts, and motivating my team).

There is no special badge you get for being a martyr and doing it alone, nor is there a bigger check waiting for you. In fact, if you don’t scale your business, you will lose it or sabotage its growth.

The creative energy from working with a diverse team is incredible. Some of my company’s biggest success stories weren’t my idea, and I’m perfectly ok with it.

If you don’t have the funds to hire people right now, bring an intern on board, schedule a meet up with other local entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas for one another’s businesses, or recruit your Aunt Judy who is board as hell anyway (no I’m not kidding).

Don’t do it alone. You don’t need to nor are you meant to. Just make sure everyone you bring on paid or unpaid signs an agreement and a NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Yes even Aunt Judy has to sign ✍️ NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can Make a Million Excuses or you can Make a Million Dollars

Throughout my career, I swear I’ve heard every excuse possible. Ranging from: “people who want to make millions are greedy.” to “I just need to make enough money to get by.” to “I don’t really care about having nice things.” Well it’s all a load of 💩 💩 💩!!!

The lies people tell themselves often stem from generations of lies and beliefs passed down the family tree. They can be so deeply ingrained, that I’ve seen people sabotage a 750k inheritance, and they are broke to this very day. I’ve witnessed people royally fucking up an easy business deal, to the loss of millions. All without having a clue that they are the cause of all their money drama. Their poverty mentality has them stuck.

It’s crucial we uncover our beliefs around money and nice things, and be open to replacing those beliefs with facts from a trusted expert. I believe it’s selfish to avoid living at your highest earning potential. As that money is an energetic currency that can help the less fortunate, the abused, children in 3rd world countries, charities, churches, teaching institutions, and so on.

ProjectME the Podcast drills those money myths and stifling beliefs out of your head, with the help of great guests who keep it real and keep it simple. You deserve to financially thrive, the world 🌍 is depending on it. 💜, Tiffany