Money Mantra

I love this money mantra!!!!

Screenshot this 👆mantra and turn it into your phone’s screen saver. Every time it pops up on your phone, take a deep breath, exhale, and read. 💜

With repetition, these mantras will (whether you believe them to be true or not right now), sink into your subconscious and conscious mind. You will be surprised how powerful this is.

It’s one of my many strategies to making bank 💰!

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How I Lost 3/4 of my Net Worth in 3 Months, and Earned it ALL Back Again Plus Some

Perfect day to share a bit more of my story, how I lost 3/4 of my net worth in 3 months, and earned it all back again, PLUS MORE!

You see. I used to be an overly trusting person with very few boundaries. I thought if someone I trusted referred me to someone, then that person must be trustworthy as well (even if I never met them before!). Or if I knew someone or worked with someone for many years, I put that person in a “trust for life” category, since they hadn’t ever screwed me over in X many years.

I got hired at 20 years old by NBC as a television news reporter (before I even graduated college, and yes I still got my degree.). After several years in the TV news business, I was burned out and needed to make some real money. I got into the pharmaceutical sales world and became quite successful at it. By 25, I was already making 6-figures. So I saved, invested, saved some more, and followed the wealth strategies I teach all of you.

I was worth 7-figures before I was 30. CUE THE DRAMATIC 🎶… In Sept, I was a millionaire and by the new year, I was knocked back to where I was 5 years prior. It took my breath away. I thought I was on the right track and entering the next big level. Was I broke, no, because my protocol for building wealth has protections in place to prevent street living. Imagine 75% of everything you ever worked for starting at age 13 (yes my mom made me work at 13 😳), was gone practically overnight and there wasn’t a damn thing you could do about it. Whether that’s $1000, $10,000, or $1,000,000, it’s not pretty.

The “how” of this story is at the beginning of this post. I didn’t have good or even basic boundaries and I put blind trust in someone, meaning I didn’t do my own due diligence on the person, their skills, reputation, etc… I trusted them because I trusted the person who referred me to him. Well often in life our biggest lessons are expensive and painful AF.

After a month of wallowing in self-pity, I was determined to make that money back and much more. I knew I couldn’t create the wealth and freedom I desired from working in corporate pharmaceuticals. Although the pay was great, the cost was also great! The pressure was so high, I was always getting sick; sexual harassment was the norm, and by that I mean multiple times a week #metoo; if I wanted to keep climbing the corporate ladder, that price would go even higher.

So in spite of being terrified to leave what I knew, my gut told me it was time. I started my own company, my rules, my vision, my goals, on my timeline. Within 3 years, I made all of the $ back I lost, and more importantly I gained a sense of pride and empowerment that I lost in that corporate jungle.

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Wealth Tips with Tiff


Typicality I share my wealth tips on Wednesday Wealth Tips with Tiff, my higher self is screaming at me to share these with you today. So here we go!

Gaining wealth consistency is not a one lane highway. To have wealth that continues to grow requires interstates, highways, freeways, and even toll roads. It’s important to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Meaning all of your income generating shouldn’t just come from your primary job. There’s only one of you (if there’s more than one of you I’m jealous), and only about 8-12 work hours in a day that you can execute. So if you stick with your job being your primary source of income, then you will only increase your wealth when and if you get a raise or a bonus check. NOT A WEALTH GENERATING POA (plan of action).

Since there is only one of you, to accelerate your financial growth, you will need to create a passive income interstate, a residual income road, and a savings strategy. It may sound overwhelming, so I suggest baby steps.
Start with one interstate, one road, and a simple savings startedgy. Here’s a simple example of what my money roadmap looked like initially 👇:

Primary Income came from my Marketing/PR/Social Media firm. My passive income (meaning how I made money when I wasn’t actively engaged-while I slept) came from investing in mutual bods (though a financial adviser) and stocks. My residual income (money you earn long after your initial effort) came from network marketing high end skin care products. So skin care systems I sold to people who regularly refilled their order monthly or quarterly, without me having to “re-sell” them the products. Not all network marketing companies pay the same, so it’s crucial to partner with a brand you love that compensates you well for suggesting it to others. I’ll have an entire podcast dedicated to this subject.

Savings Strategy: this deserves its own paragraph. Saving money = making money. You can gain great wealth by saving overtime. In fact the ROI (return on investment) with saving money is often higher than most other investments like real estate, stocks, and bonds. I’ll do a dedicated IG live to “Saving Strategy.” Be on the lookout for it today.

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“TIFFANY, how do you do it?”

“How did you create a successful business and kept it growing for 10 years?!”

SIMPLE ANSWER: not alone. Yes when you first start, if you have no capital to invest or no investors, there are a ton of things you will need to do solo to manage expenses. As soon as you can please hire help, or hire an intern (or 3).

When I first launched my marketing/social media firm 10 years ago, I contracted one tech guy and brought on one intern (from my alma mater, @emersoncollege). As I grew, I brought in more people, paid for more of their time, and outsourced as much as possible. This way I could focus on what I do best (strategy, client relationships, contracts, and motivating my team).

There is no special badge you get for being a martyr and doing it alone, nor is there a bigger check waiting for you. In fact, if you don’t scale your business, you will lose it or sabotage its growth.

The creative energy from working with a diverse team is incredible. Some of my company’s biggest success stories weren’t my idea, and I’m perfectly ok with it.

If you don’t have the funds to hire people right now, bring an intern on board, schedule a meet up with other local entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas for one another’s businesses, or recruit your Aunt Judy who is board as hell anyway (no I’m not kidding).

Don’t do it alone. You don’t need to nor are you meant to. Just make sure everyone you bring on paid or unpaid signs an agreement and a NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Yes even Aunt Judy has to sign ✍️ NO EXCEPTIONS.

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You can Make a Million Excuses or you can Make a Million Dollars

Throughout my career, I swear I’ve heard every excuse possible. Ranging from: “people who want to make millions are greedy.” to “I just need to make enough money to get by.” to “I don’t really care about having nice things.” Well it’s all a load of 💩 💩 💩!!!

The lies people tell themselves often stem from generations of lies and beliefs passed down the family tree. They can be so deeply ingrained, that I’ve seen people sabotage a 750k inheritance, and they are broke to this very day. I’ve witnessed people royally fucking up an easy business deal, to the loss of millions. All without having a clue that they are the cause of all their money drama. Their poverty mentality has them stuck.

It’s crucial we uncover our beliefs around money and nice things, and be open to replacing those beliefs with facts from a trusted expert. I believe it’s selfish to avoid living at your highest earning potential. As that money is an energetic currency that can help the less fortunate, the abused, children in 3rd world countries, charities, churches, teaching institutions, and so on.

ProjectME the Podcast drills those money myths and stifling beliefs out of your head, with the help of great guests who keep it real and keep it simple. You deserve to financially thrive, the world 🌍 is depending on it. 💜, Tiffany

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Get Clear on your Dream Lifestyle


I’ve been manifesting and experiencing my dream lifestyle for 15 years now! Truly I’ve been manifesting my entire life, but I didn’t have a name for what I had been practicing.

Now my lifestyle looks different than when I was 25, but our dreams evolve as we do. The point is, I continue to be crystal clear on what I want my life to feel like and look like. That clear vision allows me to set a clear intention, and this hyper-focus helps manifest my desires.

By 27, I decided that I only wanted to fly in first class for flights 3 hours or longer. So that’s what happened. Now did I break out a credit card and spend 10k on an international first class flight, hell no. I was smart and crafty about it and used airline miles to upgrade my self, along with a slew of other tricks I learned. Executing your dream lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank. If you want it badly enough and are open to new possibilities, creative solutions to meet your goals will appear.

So whether you want to live near the beaches of Southern California like I do, in the country on a farm, own a Ferrari, travel the world, or stay at home with your children, YOU CAN! It starts with getting crystal clear about the lifestyle you desire, the more details the better. Then stay open to infinite possibilities that can get you to your goal. It will happen, in fact, it is happening for you now, but let’s get there faster. Are you with me????

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Successful Sales People Don’t Use Force, They Use Finesse

We are all selling (marketing) something. Whether it be ourselves as a personal brand, a service, products, or a pitching a concept to potential investors. $ I am often asked what’s my “sales secret”? Well, I have no secret angle or tactic…I focus on the customer/investors needs, see if what I’m marketing can help with that need, if so, present the how and why with clarity, transparency, and finesse. $ If what I’m marketing wouldn’t help them in any way, then they aren’t my customer for this product/service. I don’t try to force a square peg into a round hold. Total waste of everyone’s time.

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You Have Residual Bills… Why Not Have Residual Income?

Let that sink in. We all pay reoccurring bills each month, sometimes weekly. So that expected money going out of your bank account on the reg. Sooooo….it is just as possible to have regular expected money going INTO your bank account. Yes is it easier to create bills than income, but generating passive income doesn’t have to be hard or only for Ivy League finance guys. Everyone can generate passive income. I’ll be teaching you how in ProjectME the Money Series. Keep following for updates!

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Sell the Problem you Solve not the Poduct

Being in sales and marketing for 17 years! I’ve learned a thing or two; the emotion is with the problem you solve not the product. Let’s use Spanx as an example (shape wear for women and men), if they just focused on selling the Lycra items and their high quality, they may get sales but not multi-million dollar sales. Because they focus on women wanting to look as good as possible in their clothes and feeling confident in them, their sales are huge and their brand remains strong.

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When to Say No to Pay


Yes it’s money 💰 and we all love more money; yes it’s flattering to our ego; BUT there is always a cost to accepting a money making opportunity that can be much more expensive than the pay.

Before you accept take some time to answer these questions:

1. Do you like these people?

2. Do you believe in this project/product/company/person?

3. Is this work aligned with your passion and greatest good?

4. Does it even sound fun or interesting to you?

5. Is the financial offering fair and reasonable for your level of expertise and work load?

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