You see, most of us get confused by believing our thoughts to be true. Our thoughts and beliefs aren’t necessary facts. It’s our insecurities, self-doubt, shit people have called us, all circling our incredibly cunning mind.

The trick to knowing when a thought is BS, is when that thought makes you feel like shit about yourself.

We were all created uniquely and exquisitely. We are all meant to be walking this Earth, or we wouldn’t be here. There is more than enough abundance for us all to enjoy.

Who are you NOT to have the best of the best?

When you have thoughts that bring down your confidence, remind yourself those are just false beliefs you picked up. Like gum on the bottom of your shoe after a long walk. Scrape that shit off, and create a new empowering thought.

Even if you don’t totally believe it right away that’s ok, some things take time to sink in. Just know, I guarantee you are much greater than you think you are, and are destined for an exceptional life.