“I know I know I know,” she said (for months)

It’s unbelievable how almost all of us KNOW what we need to start doing, stop doing, change, quit, and leave, BUT we find ourselves NOT doing that damn thing for days, then weeks, then months, and even years. 

This is why I regularly remind you that knowing the answer or knowing the action to take ISN’T ENOUGH. 

I knew I needed to go all in on my side hustle in order to exit my corporate career in an abundant state, yet a full year went by without me starting. The same thing happened with my strong desire to start ProjectME with Tiffany Carter the podcast and business coaching brand…. I knew I needed to just go for it, yet I remained stuck for a solid TEN YEARS!!

Having a desire and then taking half-measures to achieve it is sending a clear single to God and the Universe that A) you don’t want it that badly and B) you’re happy with your current circumstances. So why would anything change?

There’s a common expression that I don’t agree with, “if you know better you do better.” Yes, it’s great to know all the things and have great self-awareness, which I know you do….none of that means sh!t without taking the big, scary, risky, uncomfortable actions to support this “knowing” of yours.

We have under 70 days left in the year, what are you going to do to set yourself up so you don’t take this “settling energy” into 2023?

This enlightening conversation with my friend and Top 1% Wellness Educator in the world Arin Fugate, will not only launch you into action but will clearly spell out what separates those who are successful from those who settle. (hint: it’s not what you think it is)

Arin Fugate – Speaker, Wellness Educator, and Success Coach for Visionary Leaders.

Arin is a survivor. Having overcome addiction, anxiety, depression, and many other limitations from years of abuse she is now dedicated to facilitating the rise of the Female Visionary. She is a mother of two daughters, a wife, and a business owner. Arin knows how hard it can be for women to carve a path to their dreams and she is here to help. She loves sharing her passion for essential oils, natural wellness, and entrepreneurship with inspired business owners.

Connect with Arin Fugate:

Instagram: @jasmineandjuniperliving

Facebook: @ariningraham77

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