Are your core beliefs holding you back from success in your life and business?

Are there limiting beliefs you don’t know about? There are some beliefs that can make success seem impossible. How can these beliefs be changed?

 This ONE belief literally almost killed me.

(Trigger Warning)

A little over 8 years ago, I made the decision to end my time on this Earth. 

My plan was to do it on my birthday as a gift to myself and the world. 

How did I get to such a low point? It all stemmed from one constant unchallenged thought, which I came to convince myself was a fact. 

“No one really understood me.”

I had always known that I was different, and I also learned quickly to keep that buried deep inside as it wasn’t socially acceptable, and certainly not celebrated. 

My limiting beliefs came from when:

  • I asked questions at 6 that got me kicked out of Sunday School
  • I knew when people were upset, even if they were faking a smile, and when I would address it, people would often get defensive or weirded out.
  • I spoke to inanimate objects and people I could not physically see, but I could feel. 
  • When I would play Barbies, I never wanted to be married, and I thought Ken was lame. 

What I learned from these events

I quickly learned to pretend so my friends and family didn’t know how “weird” I was. 

I felt the same way in the Corporate world. 

I felt the same way in my adult friend groups.

So I kept the real me stuffed down, and developed a strong False Self so I would be accepted in this world. 

At some point holding a GIANT beach ball underwater gets to be too exhausting. So ending my time here on Earth, sounded like a peaceful solution….an escape from decades of isolation and pain. 

Your beliefs can either make or break you. Right now, you have things swirling around your head, which are keeping you stuck, making you miserable, and blocking you from a blissful joy-filled life. 

Let’s start unpacking those today. Listen in and I’ll share the rest of this powerful story.

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