Not everyone has millions like you (she wrote)

All you do is talk about money…what about all people who can’t afford to pay you? Do you ever care about them?!! (this part she wrote was in ALL CAPS)

When you continue to grow in your business, and your public presence has expanded to millions of people worldwide like my podcast and brand have, you are going to trigger people. 

It’s impossible to help millions of people without upsetting 1-2% of them. 

If you haven’t experienced that yet in your business or personal brand, you will, or you are playing it so safe to avoid this kind of judgment and nasty human behavior (which is also why your business isn’t growing faster). 

My long-time Coordinator Nancy is in charge of my emails, 99% of the ones we get are beautiful, abundant, loving, and filled with heart-breaking incredible stories of survival. Than 1% of the emails and DM’s are filled with people’s self-hate, self-judgment, and anger about their own lives projected onto me and sometimes my team.

I read them all with the same energy. Compassion. 

You will NEVER be able please everyone in business or in your personal life, if you keep trying to, you will lose yourself (I know this from experience). 

I know when I trigger someone it’s actually a good thing, that means my message is getting to them. For every one person I may trigger, there are 99 who it woke up, who it empowered, who it validated, and who it changed. 

None of us no matter how experienced a coach, a counselor, a doctor, or a healer will be able to help someone who is DEAD SET on it not working. 

Some people will buy the business program, hire the nutritionist, sign up for an inner child healing retreat, wanting the desired outcome, but are in complete and total resistance to making it work.

In fact, all they can focus on is how it isn’t working fast enough, what they aren’t receiving from you, and how they already “know all of these things” you’re teaching them. These people are stuck in self-inflected purgatory (they have zero awareness of it). 

Their GIANT EGO is running the show, and they may have even signed up to work with you to further prove that “nothing works out for them,” to further prove that what you say isn’t possible!!! This way, they don’t have to make scary internal and external changes. Plus, what a great way to deflect from their own demons than to blame someone or something else. 

I help my clients establish business boundaries to protect and honor their energy, their intellectual property, and their money from the 1% of toxic people who would love to see them fail, so they can feel better about their own miserable lives. 

Tune in to hear how I handle these people. 

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