13 BILLION dollars in 24 hours. This is the amount of money that is predicted to be spent online on Black Friday (the day after US Thanksgiving). Not including all the purchases made in-store!  By creating irresistible holiday offers, you can make quick money online.

If your money noise is trying to build some BS story about the economy, and people aren’t buying from you because they are being careful about spending, blah blah…keep reading. 

These are straight-up FACTS, honey:

> More money is going to be spent than ever this holiday season. 

> Non-essential pleasure travel is up by 68% (source: US Travel Association)

> I started my side hustle & left my 6-figure corporate career during the 2008 economic crash AND exceeded my salary that year! 

> There are more millionaires than ever in history right now. 

You only need is a micro fraction of that 13 BILLION dollars to make 5-figures in one day for your business. 

  • Sell something for $300 to 20 people you’ve made 6k
  • Sell something for $3000 to 3 people you’ve made 9k 

You don’t need that many people to buy from you to make major money.

Let me walk you through in detail how to set create a holiday offer that brings in that cash money honey. 

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