Money Fear: Fear of Shining Bright

Vulnerability and shining bright reveal the complexity of human emotions and how past experiences influence current fears. These fears can often hold us back. You have the opportunity to open yourself up to the next level of success when you stand out from the crowd. This can affect your ability to make money. 

Even with years of experience in journalism and public speaking, I fear vulnerability. In writing my book, I am experiencing feelings of insecurity and trauma due to bullying and complex PTSD. As a result of my learning disability, I felt ashamed when I received a lower grade than I expected in school. I feel these judgments rising as I write the pages of my book.  


Is the fear of being vulnerable holding you back from making money

Shining and Vulnerability

It brings up everyone’s deepest insecurities…I’ve coached celebrities, Emmy award-winning TV personalities, influencers, fitness cover models, and many highly accomplished doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs….THEY all had Visibility Meltdowns. 

It has little to do with confidence and everything to do with your childhood and young adulthood. 

For me, being raised by a narcissistic mother, I had to shine to make her look good BUT I couldn’t shine too bright or it would piss her off. Resulting in her ignoring me for days or even weeks, withholding love and affection from me. 

So, standing out was dangerous for me.

Stop blocking yourself

How this played out in my personal life, my career, and even my level of financial success will be enough to stop you in your tracks. 

Fear of being SEEN is blocking your next level of success…in Part 3 of this special 3-Part series Deconstructing your biggest fears I’ll walk you through my story along with relatable stories from several clients to help you break through this key MONEY BLOCK.

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