Are you ready to design offers that sell?

 By the end of this year, the online learning market will reach $2.85 billion, which includes courses, classes, and webinars. On top of that, there’s the user penetration, or how many people use online learning materials is currently, it’s 11.6%, but by 2027 it’ll be 16.6%.

That’s a big deal.

It’s one of the fastest-growing industries. So while you might think, oh my God, everyone has a course, everyone has an online program, everyone has an app, everyone has it all. It’s just because you’re focused on it. And that way of thinking isn’t true. There is room for you to create the business of your dreams.

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 My proven five-step guide to creating irresistible offers:

First things first ... YOU have to be excited AF about your offer! To the level that if you weren’t the one selling it, you would 100% buy it. Because if you don’t think it’s the greatest, most high-value offer out there, no one else is going to believe it either!

Second … break down the mega value they will be receiving when they sign up. I mean literally break it down into monetary amounts! This communicates that they’re getting a LOT out of one easy sign-up.

Third … have FUN with your language! Your offer probably isn’t sad or serious, so why would your messaging be that way? Write your sales page as if you were excitedly telling a good friend about it.

Fourth … tell your ideal client not only what they’re going to get when they sign up for your offer, but how they’re going to FEEL when they experience it. Will their stress go away? Will they gain confidence? Joy for life? Fulfillment? Tell them!

Fifth … make sure your branding aligns with your offer. Boring brand colors and photography can really kill a sales page. Make it dynamic and make it YOU! But don’t overcomplicate it. Remember, simplicity sells, complexity repels!


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