Where is your happy place?

Today I’m excited to talk with Rob Murgatroyd about what it took to pursue his family’s dream of moving to Italy. How did he make this dream his reality and what is life like living in Italy? Let’s  talk about the reality of living on the other side of reaching your dreams and living in your happy place.

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For a quarter of a century, Rob Murgatroyd helped alleviate physical pain as a chiropractor in Atlanta, Georgia. But beneath the professional success, a restless spirit stirred—a craving for a more vibrant, more fulfilling life.


In this pursuit of joy, Rob discovered his true calling, not in the hum of a chiropractic clinic but in the dynamic realms of podcasting and writing. Together with his equally entrepreneurial wife, Kim, Rob co-hosts “Fri-Date,” a top 1% iTunes sensation that cheekily and candidly explores their shared entrepreneurial journey, serving up weekly insights on life, work, and love.


However, Rob’s tale of reinvention extends beyond the microphone. Trading Atlanta’s cityscape for Southern California’s allure, he initially thought he had found his place. But a brief vacation to Florence, Italy, unveiled a profound revelation—life was not about the relentless pursuit of dreams but the full-hearted living of them.


Rob’s Manifesting moving to Italy interview is Episode # 296 or listen HERE.


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