Why are you resisting abundance?

There may be a core belief you need to change that causes wealth resistance. Often, these beliefs become deeply embedded into your life and become core wounds. Unless you deal with these wounds, they will fester and block your path to abundance in every area of your life. Creating boundaries and unapologetically owning oneself are keys to abundance.

I just stood there as she said, “you ungrateful spoiled brat.”

What made it even more soul-cutting is she NEVER yelled these things…she would say them in a clear and confident voice. So the 4-year-old me took this in as FACTS. 

My mom deep down hated me. As an empath, I really felt it. Any attempt at setting boundaries, preferences, saying “no,” or even not liking a particular food was NOT ALLOWED. In fact, this is what would trigger her favorite thing to call me (noted above). 

So I was taught that standing up for myself and stating my needs was not safe. 

I know many of you were taught the same thing…maybe in a different way, a more subtle way, or even a louder way. 

Then as an adult, I ended up being attracted to and attracting people who punished me (consciously and subconsciously) for putting any of my needs or desires first. 

This only reinforced the deeply rooted belief that there will be a painful price to pay for setting boundaries and getting my needs met. So I became a well-groomed People Pleaser in an effort to stay “safe,” and not be abandoned by those I loved. 

If you know me or listen to my podcast, you know I’m unapologetically confident about my boundaries, preferences, and needs….this didn’t change by magic or from one 3-day retreat. 

How to clear these abundance blocks?

For a deeply ingrained belief to change, you must go clean out the CORE WOUND. 

Otherwise, it will continue to produce puss and fester your ENTIRE LIFE. 

If this resonates with you, go listen to the conversation with my Subconscious Mindset Strategist Brenda Johnston. This episode will without a doubt change your life. 

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