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Do you know those people you follow who say they’ve been featured in “Forbes” or “Top 20 Coaches of 2022” articles in magazines? You probably think, “how did they do that?” 99% OF THOSE ARE PAID FOR.

Most of these people have paid even 15K to get a mention or an “advertorial” article (as we call them in the PR world”). They look like articles, but you have to pay to get into them. This IS NOT true press. This is ADVERTISING. 

What my friend and award-winning magazine cover photographer, James Patrick and I are teaching you today on this episode, is how to get genuine FREE PRESS for your business. 

There is nothing wrong with advertising, but to make it appear as though its true press is misleading, and it will turn off potential clients and business opportunities. 

Most small business owners, fitness professionals, coaches, and service-based entrepreneurs assume they are “too small” or “don’t have enough credentials” to get on the cover of a magazine, or great podcast features. NOT TRUE! 

In fact, producers, hosts, and editors are dying for great guests and unique content to satisfy the always-hungry Content Monster while serving their audience valuable stuff. 

We break it down for you in this episode, how you get published and booked on shows within 30 days or less!

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