I was stumped as to how THEY did it.

Every time I came into contact with someone virtually or in person who had the lifestyle, the freedom, the abundance I desired…I would get memorized and inspired, then it would quickly shift into, “but how did they get there?” 

Some of these people were motivational speakers, and they would say vague statements like, “I took a risk,” or “I decided to prioritize my dream.”

I felt like they made it sound so simple, which confused me further, as it all seemed so big and so involved to get from where I was at (making 17k a year) to where I wanted to be (multi-millionaire freedom status). 

 I know you have the same questions and the same frustrations. 

Now that I am one of those people who I admired even 10 years ago, whose life I coveted, who I saw as PROOF of what was possible for me…..I feel it is my duty and responsibility to tell you, show you, and guide you to creating your desired abundant life. 

Maybe for you, it’s not being a multi-millionaire, maybe it’s making enough money to live simply and only work 5 hours a week, if at all.

Maybe for you, abundance means having complete control over your schedule and being able to work on the projects you love while prioritizing your life first. 

Here are your clear next steps to living your dream life:

  1. Deeply believe it is possible for you, and that you are capable of making it happen. If you don’t have this, you won’t have the relentless pursuit energy to keep showing up when nothing looks like it’s paying off. 
  2. Start prioritizing doing healing work around your money wounds. If you blow off this stuff, you will continue to sub-consciously sabotage the various things you want. 
  3. Determine what you love doing, what you are naturally great at, and who you feel the most called to help with those skills and gifts. Give yourself space to get more clarity.
  4. Listen to this new episode.

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