What is the root of your procrastination?

Procrastination isn’t just about time management or motivation, it’s also about coping with worry and fear. As a result, procrastination can provide a dopamine hit, which leads to fatigue both physically and mentally. Many people, including myself, are prone to procrastination, so today I’m sharing some ideas for overcoming it.

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You’re not lazy; you’re scared. 

Psychologists have discovered that procrastination isn’t a time management thing or a motivational problem; it’s a coping mechanism. 

Being in a state of worry, and fear, the land of the “What Ifs” will zap your life force…leaving you feeling physically and mentally fatigued. You know, when EVERYTHING even simple tasks feels like a dreadful chore?

So as a subconscious way for our nervous systems to get a mood boost, a dopamine hit (the feel-good hormone), we procrastinate. I say “we,” as I do it too…the difference is I’ve found a way to work with this natural tendency of mine (I’m teaching it to you in today’s podcast episode). 

Tapping into our inner drug store is really no different than taking street drugs, getting drunk, or binging on sugar. As my long-time therapist, Janice (who passed away) taught me, “What goes up, must come down for your nervous system to regulate.” 

Example….my private client Valarie hired me to help her grow her Energy Healing coaching business…clients and sales were only trickling in, and she couldn’t figure out what in the heck she was doing wrong. After coaching more a 150 thousand people, I can identify the holes in someone’s business and mindset typically within a 30-minute conversation. 

While Valarie DID need a full overhaul of the way she packaged and marketed her offers…the even bigger issue what her addiction to the “Procrastination Loop” as I call it. 

She would get so frustrated and overwhelmed with not seeing any results in her business that in a subconscious effort to take the pressure off, she would stack a to-do of errands that “had to be done today,” and prioritize those non-income generating tasks. It gave her the feeling of being productive, without the guilt of taking a nap, but it was really a clever form of procrastination. 

These errands felt easier mentally on her…she’s done them many times before, for many years. There was no emotional charge behind going to the market, and getting an oil change….so this felt easier, calming, and even dopamine-inducing to her nervous system. I KNOW, WILD RIGHT?

This episode will blow your mind. 


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