I was terrified either way.

Terrified if I stayed I would slowly continue to lose myself.

Terrified if I left, I could fail and have to start all over again. 

So when the cost was greater for me to stay in my corporate career versus leaving to build something that was mine, I started. 

It’s time to have a “come to Jesus” talk with yourself: What is it costing me mentally, financially, and emotionally to stay exactly where I’m at right now?

If you don’t like that answer, then why would you continue resisting going after the lifestyle you truly want?

My story isn’t one where I dramatically quit one day and then took a trip to Tulum, and got injected with magical frog serum. I had a mortgage and bills to pay…so I side-hustled my way to freedom. 

You don’t have to just quit, you can start your business while collecting a paycheck, and then there’s is no risk. Yes, it will be an extra time investment up front, but the rewards will come back to you for the rest of your life!

I still showed up for my employer with integrity, but what I stopped doing is over-giving at my job. 

I also had to stop over-giving and committing in my personal life. 

All of that excess energy, mental bandwidth, and time got laser-focused on building my first business on the side. It’s incredible how much time you end up having when you stop giving it all away to other people’s stuff. 

I did make some mistakes and I did some really clever shiz….sharing all the deets on the podcast, plus a funny story where I almost got caught. 

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