Let’s talk money and your mindset

Let’s talk money and make more of it without the overwhelm and hustle. You need to show up but you don’t need to burn yourself out. Here are a few things you need to look at if you really want to make more money.

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What’s an Inconvenience You Can Eliminate? Identify common inconveniences people face and brainstorm solutions. Streamlining a process or simplifying a task can lead to valuable online business ideas.

How Can You Offer Personalized Experiences at Scale? Explore ways to provide personalized experiences to a broader audience. With advancements in technology, personalization doesn’t have to be limited to one-on-one interactions anymore.

What Unconventional Expertise Do You Possess? Think about unique life experiences or unconventional expertise you have that could be valuable to others. Your journey might offer insights that resonate with a specific audience.

How Can You Augment or Repurpose Existing Products or Services? Instead of reinventing the wheel, think about how you can enhance or repurpose existing products or services in creative ways. This might involve improving a user experience, making a product more sustainable, or adapting it for a new context.

What Subcultures or Niche Communities Are Underserved? Explore niche communities or subcultures that lack dedicated platforms or offerings. Catering to a specific, passionate audience can create a strong sense of community and loyalty. 

What’s Being Overlooked in Traditional Industries? Analyze traditional industries and identify aspects that have been overlooked or could benefit from a modern twist. For instance, consider how the real estate market has shifted to accommodate remote work or how sustainable practices can be integrated into fashion.


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