Spending and saving hacks changed my life.

What does staying status quo cost you? As someone who always looks for danger and risks, I understand how hard it can be to be fixated on the risk factor of doing something new or spending money on something that could help you grow.  However, not taking action will always hold you back from reaching those big goals. With the right spending and saving money hacks, you can find ways to get what you need with your current budget.

Staying stuck and putting limits on how you save and spend is a surefire way to miss out on growth. There’s something to be said for both sides. What happens if you don’t do anything and don’t invest, and what could happen if you do invest and take action? 

The risk of not taking action is sometimes bigger than being scared to invest in yourself, even when you don’t have the money. You can always find a way to save in your current budget to invest in moving your business or health forward.

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New special mini-series, where I will be unveiling the unconventional money hacks that have helped me bank millions of dollars. Keep in mind, I started out making 17K a year as a TV journalist, so what I’m sharing with you can be applied to any income level, yes even if you are in debt. 

Spending and Saving to reach your goals

In part four, the final episode of this powerful mini-series I’m unveiling for the first time ever, the spending and saving hacks that have changed my life. 

After coaching well over 150-thousand people from all over the world, I’ve gathered a ton of clinical data on the human mind and human behaviors as they related to money and success. 

What I found is people tend to resist adjusting their habits and actions around money for one of three reasons: They don’t want to feel controlled; they believe they will have to sacrifice the things that give them pleasure; and/or they are stuck in “doom” thinking, and don’t believe it is possible for them to ever reach their goal, let alone getting ahead financially. 

I had the same resistance in all three areas. But, I knew the benefit of becoming financially free, so I said, “there has got to be another way to do this!” 

That inner rebel I have is how most of my million-dollar plans have started because she refuses to believe there isn’t a different way, a better way, an easier way, a less painful way, a more effective and efficient way. 

And there is. Be prepared to have your money story change forever. 

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