Your Next Level of Wealth is on the other side of Faith. 

We often let old beliefs and past traumas hold us back from building wealth. It is possible for us to be prevented from achieving our dreams by money trauma. As we gain wealth, we face new limitations. Now is the time to let faith lead and go for that next level of wealth you deserve. 

How I went from 17k a year to having millions in the bank:

Many people assume this is a complex equation because most of us were taught that having this level of wealth requires great sacrifice and unique talents that only a small percentage of people can achieve. 

I thought this too. 

The secret is a simple answer, embodying it consistently is the challenging part. 

A combination of equal parts: 

B E L I E F + F A I T H 

At each monetary milestone I hit from 35k to 75k, to 100k a year, to a million a year, I had to BELIEVE it was possible for me and that it was already there waiting for me, even when I had little evidence. 

I’ve seen many clients, friends, and strangers who do BELIEVE, but they end up falling off the wealth wagon because they lack in FAITH. 

Example: I believed it was possible for me to quit my 6-figure corporate career and make at least the same amount of money with my own business. This got me to start my side hustle with zero idea WTF I do, and build it up to quit my job six months later. HOWEVER…

Once I lost the perceived “safety cushion” of my corporate job, and I got a bunch of NOs after pitching corporate clients (who I had relationships with), then got my first tax bill as a business owner and didn’t have the money to pay it….I UNRAVELED…I WANTED TO QUIT. 

While I believed it was possible when everything wasn’t happening as quickly as I wanted, and there were unexpected potholes… I CRUMBLED all because I didn’t have FAITH. 

It starts with having the Belief and Faith

It’s quite easy to believe you can do and it’s all possible in the dream phase of starting or scaling your business (just like the honeymoon stage of a relationship). 

When those giant waves keep knocking you down, the only thing that will keep you going is FAITH. 

Every new level of wealth comes with a test…a test of your faith and an opportunity to strengthen it. 

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