Make Pleasure a Priority 

Pleasure is the key to success. Now is the time to prioritize pleasure in business and life. The more pleasure you have, the more money you make!  The key to making more money, enjoying your life to the fullest, and attracting abundance is to have fun. By letting go of the beliefs that keep you stuck and focusing on what makes you happy, you will find pleasure and more intimacy in your life.

Why Prioritize Pleasure

Six years ago I was on death’s door. 

I literally worked myself to almost death. Not so ironically, this is exactly what my mom pounded into my head that was required to be successful as a woman in the business world. 

What is Success

First of all, we clearly have an outdated crap version of what SUCCESS is….

Yes, if SUCCESS only equals money, a fit body, fancy trips, and handbags then yes, I had achieved SUCCESS. (I had a million dollars in the bank by the time I was 30)

It took me getting so sick that I couldn’t move off the couch, had to sit down to shower, released 90% of my clients, and gained 30 pounds in 45 days to WAKE UP to a new understanding of SUCCESS. 

Here I spent my entire life obsessed with achieving more, obtaining the “perfect body,” and getting more awards, assets, and money….yet, I felt more empty and more broken than ever.

True success comes from true abundance. When we are abundant, things happen with a sense of ease, enjoyment, and playfulness. There is no forcing, hustling, and pushing needed when you know there is a limitless supply of abundance available to you.

You don’t want to be rich. You want to be abundant. This is where you have the health, wealth, worth, and freedom to fu%king live your best life. Instead of sacrificing your well-being for some “riches” that leave you emotionally and physically bankrupt. 

Learn how to prioritize pleasure in your life from my incredible guest expert today.

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