Your subconscious resistance holds you back

It is common for us to set out with the best of intentions. When we see the first sign of struggle, we give up on our goals for success, love, money, and relationships. To achieve abundance, we might need to change a pattern deep in our subconscious. You are slowing down progress toward your goals because of subconscious resistance.

When we feel uncomfortable and that nothing is working, we can easily fall back into old habits. Getting closer to our goal makes us feel overwhelmed and we start doubting our ability to achieve it. The key to success is recognizing these patterns.

We need to start believing that anything is possible.

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Abundance Loves Perseverance

At the first sign of struggle, do you get upset and then give up or take your foot off the gas? I’ve done it many times!

These things and situations look like setbacks at the moment, they even look like evidence that this isn’t possible for you. It is in THESE critical times, that you have the BIGGEST and most powerful manifesting opportunity. To have FAITH to dig in and deeply believe this is happening for you, and this is possible. 

Instead of folding and walking away. 

Setbacks are a test of your faith and true desire for your manifestation. How else would we know how badly we want something until it feels like it’s being taken away?


Just after I gave my 2 weeks’ notice to leave my corporate job and go full-time into my business, I got told “no” by at least ten potential clients in a row. Leaving me spinning into, “on my God did I just make the biggest mistake of my life?!”

I had a choice to make. Do I throw in the towel and low-key beg for my job back, or do I persevere and accept the fact that not everything is going to go to MY plan? 

When I finally started my podcast, after ten years of being stuck in resistance…even after four months of twice weekly episodes, hiring a top podcast producer, and being a professionally trained journalist….almost no one was listening. 

I had a choice to make. Do I throw in the towel and cut my losses? Or do I persevere and continue to show up UNTIL it works?

It sucks, it’s uncomfortable, it’s messy, and it’s vulnerable AF…. This is why 98% of people quit before they’ve really given their dream business, life, body, and relationship a real chance. 

Success requires you to show up regardless of what you want. 


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