Negative Thought Patterns

All of us have them, those automatic negative thoughts that derail us from achieving greater abundance. Is there a way to truly stop negative thoughts and change our negative thinking patterns?

By ignoring them, you’re repelling the abundance that is meant for you.

We’ve all done it…use distractions as a way to avoid the chaos going on in our minds. 

We use:

  •  Wine 
  • Food
  • Netflix 
  • Social media 
  • Other people’s problems 
  • Shopping 
  • Drugs
  • Work 

The list is endless really. 

While this usually gives us some form of relief, it’s only temporary, and that nasty voice comes back again.

Sometimes these thoughts pop into our minds like popcorn on steroids, and other times they sit there like a pond of sludge, feeling impossible to clear and weighing us down. 

Your first instinct is to avoid those thoughts by ignoring them, but by doing this; they never get properly treated and addressed. 

I’ve been doing some heavy somatic trauma healing, and now my inner critic is trying to convince me that “I don’t have it in me to accomplish my goal this year.”

Our egos are so cunning manipulative, and relentless…I’ve tried to push this thought away, pray it away, demand it goes away…and it keeps coming at me with more strength.

I remembered what I teach my clients after coaching a client through a negative thought spiral this week (funny how they happen):

Calmly and lovingly reply to these thoughts with “I appreciate your opinion, and this isn’t true for me.”

Are feeling facts?

Just because something FEELS true doesn’t mean it is. FEELINGS are not FACTS. 

Go plug your brain into this episode and we’ll clean out your mind trash. 

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