Your DREAMS are on the other side of FEAR

Pursuing your dreams can be challenging. Your dreams may be hindered by trauma or comparisons you have made with others. A person might seem to have everything you want from the outside. Although they may have followers, celebrity status, and brand deals, they may be dealing with past trauma that is holding them back from their goals. 

Kelly Chase, from season 1 of “Love is Blind,” shares how she is building her dream life despite past traumas. This is a real raw conversation about how to take back control of your life and what it takes to be an advocate for yourself.

Do you feel like you can’t get ahead?


After coaching over 150,000 people all over the world, I know with 100% CERTAINTY that everyone I work with at some point will say this to me.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a highly successful entrepreneur looking to scale their business into the 8-figures, or a new solopreneur starting their business from scratch…the emotions are the same, it’s the circumstances that are different.

Both of these women are going after something bigger, something more, it’s risky, terrifying, and vulnerable AF. 

Of course, your physical and mental fear responses are going to come up in full force. This happens to me too. 

How do we get into the flow of abundance?

The key is to work ourselves back into a calm surrendered state, as this is where the abundance flows. Here’s what works for me:

> Get it out, don’t stuff down your fear or it will linger. I will vent to a business friend, my coaches, and my therapist. Then I will move my body, go work out, go for a walk, punch a pillow, and move this energy out of my system. 

> Write out the facts. When in fear, we go into feelings of overdrive. Often feelings aren’t facts. Listing out the proven facts of the situation ignites our rational mind, calming the crazy brain. 

> Give yourself a timeline. It’s not realistic to completely surrender and trust this will all work for a year, so make the commitment to surrender just for today or just for this hour. For this work, even one minute at a time is enough. 

> Go listen, watch, and read from people who share honestly about building their dream business, book, podcast, etc… This new interview is a perfect choice. I interview Kelly Chase from the hit Netflix reality show “Love is Blind,” and her humility & transparency about success is exactly what you need to hear right now. 

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