Here’s the secret to selling

Your secret to selling isn’t lowering your prices, it’s using emotional selling. People often aren’t held back by price if they know your product or service can solve their problem. If they aren’t buying it’s normally an emotional block holding them back. 

There are so many people who have difficulty selling. Feeling sleazy, gross, or like you have manipulated someone into making a purchase makes you feel bad, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By selling your product or service, you are serving someone. It’s uncomfortable, but there is a heart-centered way to sell. 

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The secret to selling isn’t what you think 

Notice what’s missing…

NONE of these mention THE PRICE.

That’s because people rarely buy based on price unless you are comparing the same brand of a loaf of bread that is $1 less at another store…even so, most people won’t spend the time or energy to drive to another store just to save a $1 or even $5. 

What makes a person buy

People buy based on emotions. This is where my now famous Emotional Based Sales Techniques™ was born.

If you only focused on sharing the number of modules, how many sessions someone gets, how long, etc….you’re leaving a crap ton of money on the table. 

When you focus on connecting to the HUMANS who are considering buying your stuff, you will always win.

People need to have that, “I must have that” or the “I’m doing this!” reason in order to break out their credit card…to get to this point they’ve gotta feel the following:

> You deeply get them 

> This will enhance their life 

> I trust this person/company 

It is that simple. The problem is no one has ever taught you how to do it. The good news is the solution is just on the other side of you learning it. 

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