It’s Possible to Stand Out in a Crowded Market.

Many people give up before even trying to succeed in their business because they assume the market is too saturated to make an impact. It’s sometimes about timing, but most of the time you can stand out with the right strategy and positioning. Is your fear stopping you from starting that business because you live in a scarcity mindset? In order to achieve the life you desire, you need to change your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance.

The opportunity is there if you are willing to take it. 

Anything that makes a lot of money will typically have a lot of competition. 

Real estate, coaching, skincare lines, podcasting, social media, popcorn, etc…

A majority of people will see things through a scarcity lens, “ugh I want to start an eyelash extension business, but there are so many people doing it already.” 

A person with an abundance lens will say, “I want to open an eyelash extension studio, so I need to come up with a way to be different and stand out.”

There is ALWAYS a way to do the thing, but do it better and do it differently. 

It will help you if you don’t think so logically…I mean you have to be a bit crazy to be an entrepreneur anyway. 

> You can stand out by offering a different customer experience. Maybe there is no luxury vibe version of your service in your area. 

> You can stand out by targeting a specific type of person: millennial vibes, soccer mom life, type A professionals.

You can stand out by offering a unique bundle of services like the guest on today’s podcast episode. Athena found a unique service while scrolling TikTok, and knew it would be something her ideal clients would also love, in addition to the other services she offered (brows, skin, and lash services). 

In less than a year Athena (now known as the “Queen of Permanent Jewelry”) said she has grown her business from 10k months to 100k months!! This is the POWER and POTENCY of daring to be different. 

She’s offering something special to the ProjectME audience, $500 OFF her online Flash and Fuse permanent jewelry program. (Use code ProjectMe) 

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