Imagine dedicating 30 years of your life to something, only to have it all ripped away in a single email. 

You poured your heart, energy, and life force into a company, you over delivered and did exceptional work consistently, and they called you “family,” …then one day they discarded you like stale bread. 

Left abandoned, hurt, angry, and in an identity crisis you have two choices:

  1. Let the pain destroy your life and those around you. 
  2. Process the pain, say “F THAT,” and come back ever stronger. 

All of us have been side-whacked at some point in our lives…maybe through a sudden breakup, getting scammed, a family tragedy, a health diagnosis, or getting fired. 

My client and 10-Emmy Award-winning TV Personality Stuart Watson shares his story to give you undeniable evidence that everything is always working out in your favor, especially the painful crap.

Connect with Stuart Watson:

Voice Locket website: voicelocket.com

Instagram: @StuartinCharlotte

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/stuartwatson/

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