Throughout my career, I swear I’ve heard every excuse possible. Ranging from: “people who want to make millions are greedy.” to “I just need to make enough money to get by.” to “I don’t really care about having nice things.” Well it’s all a load of ? ? ?!!!

The lies people tell themselves often stem from generations of lies and beliefs passed down the family tree. They can be so deeply ingrained, that I’ve seen people sabotage a 750k inheritance, and they are broke to this very day. I’ve witnessed people royally fucking up an easy business deal, to the loss of millions. All without having a clue that they are the cause of all their money drama. Their poverty mentality has them stuck.

It’s crucial we uncover our beliefs around money and nice things, and be open to replacing those beliefs with facts from a trusted expert. I believe it’s selfish to avoid living at your highest earning potential. As that money is an energetic currency that can help the less fortunate, the abused, children in 3rd world countries, charities, churches, teaching institutions, and so on.

ProjectME the Podcast drills those money myths and stifling beliefs out of your head, with the help of great guests who keep it real and keep it simple. You deserve to financially thrive, the world ? is depending on it. ?, Tiffany