Some days we will feel off, grouchy, depressed, uninspired, and downright bitchy. If you feel how my bulldog Molly looks today ?

#1 give yourself permission to feel how you are feeling without judgment.

#2 Get quiet and still for a few minutes and lovingly ask yourself what it is you need right now? Allow the answer to come up and honor it without judgment. For me, I got sick almost a week ago, and I’m still not completely recovered, which is frustrating AF to me and my entrepreneur life. Since I never will suggest you do something that I haven’t done or do, I asked my self that question. The answer I received was patience, nurturing, and to go extra slow.
#3 Trying to figure out why you are having an off week or day is a waste of energy unless it’s a pattern you are seeing with yourself. As humans, we aren’t designed to always be happy, vibrant, motivated, inspired, and healthy (despite what people post on social)…our moods and energy levels fluctuate just as the hormones do inside our bodies.

?, Tiffany