You know what makes me so damn sad ?? The countless amount of times I hear people say and write things like, “TGIF,” “Finally Friday,” and the worst, “I live for weekends.” Millions of people are spending 72% of their week, waiting for 28% of it to begin. Therefore, suffering and surviving through most of their lives. THIS IS NOT HOW WE ARE MEANT TO BE ON THIS EARTH.

How about a mindset shift exercise? Why do you so look forward to Friday night? Is it because you hate your job, your commute, school, or are overwhelmed and doing so much that you’ve created the weekends as your only “break?” Whatever it is, get honest with yourself and write it down.

What would your life need to look and feel like for you to look at everyday of the week as though it’s the weekend? Now, for you sarcastic people out there, don’t demean this exercise by saying, “a billion dollars,” or “win the lotto.” You can, and that mentality explains why you hate 72% of your life. An authentic non-defensive answer would be something like, “For me to look at everyday like I do the weekend, I would have a career I love working from home; I would make X amount of money each month doing it, allowing me (and my family) to go on limitless fun outings and vacations.”

Please go into detail, the more the better. Then I want you to go back and rewrite your description in the present tense (as though this is your life right now), preferably in your fav colors and on paper that you can hang somewhere (printer paper or construction paper).

Next step, as you go through your weekend, cut out images (from magazines or print from online) that reflect your above description. Glue or tape those images all around your description. Put this daily life vision board somewhere so you see it many times a day.

This exercise isn’t just about manifesting your Most Exceptional life, it’s also to remind you that it is very achievable, realistic, and possible for you. Even if you don’t ? believe that right now, I believe it for you. Extra points if you post your life board and tag me @projectme_with_tiffany??. Love, Tiffany