I came up with the vision and name ProjectME when I was recovering from spine surgery. The first time in my life when I actually slowed down, and was forced to nurture my self.

Truly the most important, special, magnificent project of our lives and in our lives, is US….OURSELVES….ME!

So many of us put ourselves last and focus on work (my former addiction), exercise, kids, spouses, finding a spouse, shopping, cleaning, emotional eating, and on and on. When in fact it needs to be US FIRST (ME first), and the world second.

I always thought it was selfish to look out for my own needs, desires, and dreams ahead of others. It wasn’t until I literally had a full fledge nervous breakdown, that the fog started to clear.

I ended up as directed by a therapist, into a support group basically for individuals who put people, places, and things ahead of their own self-care.

It was in this group when I heard a leader say, “ there’s a reason why on an airplane they instruct you to put your oxygen mask on first before you help others, including your own children.” Because if you pass out by helping others first, you will become a burden to the entire plane; it’s actually selfish not selfless.

HOLY FUCK! After flying a million miles (literally), this never crossed my mind. In fact, I knew at that time if those masks came down, I would break the Airlines’ clear rules, and help others first anyway. SOOOOO selfish of me.

If this at all sounds like you, please I beg you to listen and suscribe to ProjectME the podcast with Tiffany Carter.

On the show we discuss all things relating to wealth and worth (self-worth). I bring on guests who are relatable and inspiring AF.