It was 10 years ago that I decided to stop being an employee and become an entrepreneur.

WOW was I scared, more like terrified, but I knew I had to do it. Climbing the corporate ladder was sucking my soul dry. Did I just up and quit my high-paying job? Ummmmm no, I’m waaaay too much of a Virgo to do that! Plus, I believe transitioning into entrepreneurship is far more financially practical and less scary.

The first 2 years of running my own business were rough. Many hiccups, lessons to learn, and looooong hours at my computer. Even after months of working 16-hour days, I was so much happier and felt truly empowered.

All of those lessons, tips, hacks, solutions, and strategies I’ve crafted and refined over the last 10 years can now be used to teach all of you. I want to show you how to make money with ease. How you can be financially independent and wealthy without such a struggle.

I learned all of those uncomfortable and sometimes incredibly painful lessons, so that you don’t have to. I didn’t have a business/money mentor or a coach (it wasn’t really a “thing” back then)…aside from reading personal development books. Much of what I learned was by doing, trying, experimenting, failing, succeeding, on repeat.

My goal is to be the mentor I wish I had, by providing massive value through education, empowering stories, and proven strategies. I want as many women as possible to make money on their own terms, and doing what they love ??.