The shit that happens when you are building an empire, can be so frustrating that I just start laughing in disbelief.

ProjectME with Tiffany is my second company, and my most passionate endeavor. It’s an accumulation of my knowledge, strategies, tips, experiences, mistakes, and successes all packaged into one business. Despite having built and leading a 7-figure company, that doesn’t allow me to avoid the drama of up leveling my business and life.

I had some crazy shit happen today, that has never happened in my looooong career (and I’ve had a lot of stuff happen). At first I was furious, like “how dare they…how rude…how unprofessional,” then after a couple hours, I started laughing. WTF where did I get the idea that just because of my length of time and success in business, that I Tiffany, will now be immune to setbacks, unprofessional people, and pure craziness?

We don’t pay our dues to the point where business is now smooth sailing. In fact, as we up level, the shit that happens gets bigger and crazier. When we play it small, the issues that arise are small in relation. When we step out of our comfort zone to create BIG things, BIG issues will surface. I just needed to remind my self of one of my own lessons today.

So whatever stage you are at in building your empire, remember, there will be shit days, challenges, set backs, and crazy people. BUT, there will be more kick-ass days, big wins, awesome clients, and huge checks. You can’t have one without the other….even @oprah and @tonyrobbins experience all of the above. It’s just part of what we signed up for as dream makers.