If you are one of the lucky ones, then you owe it to yourself and the world to share your gift, your purpose, your pleasure.

The catch to being blessed by knowing your purpose on this Earth, your calling, is that if you don’t embrace it and follow it with everything you got, your soul will feel empty or tortured or both.

Take it from me, I’ve known my purpose clearly for 10 years now, and I only truly went all in just months ago with ProjectME with Tiffany Carter. My soul, my body, my mind, was being tortured for 10 years, because I was terrified of putting my purpose into aligned hard core action.

Thoughts came up like, “what if I’m wrong and it isn’t my purpose to teach and show people how to make massive money doing something they love?” “What if I fail at my God given purpose, then what?

Pain has an amazing way of propelling us into taking action. I wasn’t willing to suffer any longer. The suffering became more scary than the fear of just going for it.

As soon and I went all in, my health drastically improved, my mood lifted, and I even lost 10 pounds!

We when resist our God given purpose, we will experience immense pain. The flip side is when we embrace our God given purpose, we experience immense pleasure and abundance.